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ALTAIR Filter Equivalent

Type: Dust Filter

Shape: Cylindrical

Our Altair dust filter equivalent range are cartridge filters made in several lengths; 600mm, 660mm, 1000mm and 1200mm (Other lengths available). They are available in a range of medias as detailed below.

    Altair Dust Filter Equivalent Media Options

    Cellulose Blend – 80% Cellulose and 20% Polyester

    Cellulose Blend FR – Flame Retardant version

    Polyester – 260 gram spun bonded Polyester

    Polyester – 260g + Bico *

    Polyester AS – Polyester with an Anti Static coating

    Polyester HO – Polyester with a Oil/Water repellent coating

    PTFE – Polyester with a ptfe Membrane

     Poly Nano – Nano fibre surface

    Nano FR – Flame Retardant version

    Description Media Height Outer Diameter Inner Diameter Centre Hole
    Altair Filter Equivalent Std/Anti-Static Closed End
    260g Spunbonded Polyester
    Altair Filter Equivalent Std/Anti-Static Closed End
    260g Spunbonded Polyester
    Altair Filter Equivalent Std/Anti-Static Closed End
    260g Spunbonded Polyester
    1 metre
    Altair Filter Equivalent Std/Anti-Static Closed End
    260g Spunbonded Polyester


    Made To Order

    We can manufacture bespoke dust filters to fit any criteria. If you can’t find what you are looking for, just fill in the contact form at the foot off the page.

    Export & Shipping

    We have 30 year of experience, exporting our products to businesses around the world.

    Lead Times

    We can turn around cartridge orders faster than many large manufacturers. Our flexible production facilities allow us to get your filters to you quickly.

    Made In The UK

    We make all of our filters by hand at our factory in Leicester, United Kingdom.

    Medias & Applications

    Filter Manufacture

    Polyester, Anti Static, Cellulose Blends, Nano and other coatings.

    Applications :- A few suggestions

    • 80/20FR :- Performs well on fine dust and some less abrasive dust. High Filtration Efficiency with Flame Retardant coating, Uses :- Pharmaceutical, Grinding, Powder Coating.
    • NanoFR.:- Premium Performance on extra Fine dust and fume. Ideal for Very fine Particulate, With Flame Retardant Coating Uses:- Welding Fume,  Plasma/ Laser Cutting.
    • STD Polyester 260g :- Wide pleat spacing, Excellent particle release, Uses:- Cement dust, Sand Blasting dust, Ceramic dust.
    • Anti Static Polyester 260g:- As above but Aluminium Coating, Uses:- S Wood Dust, Zinc Dust and other combustible dust.
    • PTFE Coat/Membrane, available on Polyester :- A Hydrophobic (Water repellent) Coating/Membrane, Uses :- Milk Powder, Sugar or other fine/and or sticky dust.
    • Other finishes/coatings available to suit most applications. Please contact us for more information.

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    Getting the right replacement filter cartridges can be difficult, especially if equipment manufacturers have merged or ceased trading.

    We have 30 years experience in filter manufacture and can help you find a solution to your replacement filter needs.

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