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Donaldson TDS Equivalent Filters

Single Ended Open FilterOur Donaldson TDS Equivalent single or double ended filter cartridges are available in three basic diameters (202mm, 325mm and 350mm) with six different lengths. They are available in different medias. Depending on the application, these include Nano Fibre, Spun Bonded Polyester, PTFE and anti static.

Buy Our DCE TDS Equivalent Cartridge Filters With Confidence

  • We make all of our filters by hand at our factory in Leicester, United Kingdom
  • Our dust filters are made using high quality media
  • We have over 30 year of experience, exporting our dust filters to businesses around the world.
  • We can manufacture bespoke filters to fit any criteria. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please click here to request a quote based on your specifications or more information.

DCE TDS Equivalent Features and Options

Single Open Ended Cylinder
Outside Diameter
Available in various diameters.
Inside Diameter
Gasket Inside Diameter
Pleat Number
Dependent on media
Pleat Depth
Filtration Area
Dependent on media
Pleat Spacing
Uniform pleat spacing on both inside and outside diameters for maximum life with minimum airflow restriction
Filter Media
Dependant on media
Inner Sleeve
Galvanised expanding steel supports the media pack and protects the media from damage
Outer Sleeve
None. Retaining bands only on poly/Galvanised Steel
End caps
Galvanised steel for lifetime rust resistance. Bottom cap with bolt hole.
10mm Gasket
Pleat/end cap bonding
Chemical cure polyurethane system eliminates air bypass and provides maximum structural strength.
Filter class
F9/ or other
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