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Camfil Farr Goldcone Alternative

CavendishFilters-122Here at Cavendish Filters LTD, we manufacture our own range of Goldcone style filters, without the cone, available in the length of 1000mml. They are available in a range of medias including:-  Cellulose blend 80/20FR, STD Polyester, A/Stat Polyester.

Available with 2 styles of gasket

Buy Our Camfil Farr Filter Equivalents With Confidence

  • We make all of our filters by hand at our factory in the heart of England, United Kingdom.
  • Our Camfil Farr Filter equivalents are made using high quality Spunbonded Polyester 260g
  • We have over 30 year of experience, exporting our products to businesses across the globe
  • We regularly manufacture bespoke filters to fit any criteria. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please click here to request a quote or more information.
Click here to request a quote or more information