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Introducing, Paul Roberts our New “Technical and sales Marketing Manager”.

March 18, 2020 - In Latest Articles, Latest News, Top News

Paul is responsible for all U.K. enquiries relating to Cartridge Filters, Dust & Fume Collectors, Servicing and LEV Testing.

Drop Paul an email   [email protected] or  call :- 0758 524 0590,  if you have an enquiry.

Our new Sales & Marketing Manager, comes with over 30 Years experience in Products, processes, safety and legal requirements in all areas of the “Dust Filtration” Industry!

cavmatic 1     Check out Our Cavmatic Dust and Fume Units!.


March 6, 2020 - In about us, Latest Articles, Products, Top News

Clarcor Alternative filter, 80/20FR Media x 700mml

Our latest addition to our range of Cylindrical Cartridge filters! 328mm O/D x 215mm I/D, with “U Ring” style end cap.

U-Ring Cartridge


We’re Growing!

April 2, 2019 - In about us, Latest Articles, Latest News


Cavendish is pleased to announce, more growth and improvements in 2019. We currently occupy Units, 4,5 and 7 at St Mary’s Works, Leicester for our Manufacturing and Office needs, but have recently acquired Unit 6 to complete the set!

We will be moving part of our Production area to Unit 6 and adding a new rotary table and other Machinery upgrades throughout the year.

We will be back with a progress report shortly, stay tuned!


October 12, 2018 - In about us, Latest Articles, Latest News

The New “Pleatlock” machine is up and running. Producing quality packs for all your Cellulose blend dust cartridge filter requirements.

This allows us to dedicate our existing pleating machine to spun bond polyester filters while our new machine will produce Cellulose blend dust filters at a much faster pace.

If you require any more information about our dust cartridge filters, please feel free to get in touch via our contact page.


March 26, 2018 - In Latest Articles, Latest News

Last stages of testing our new pleating machine!
Should be in operation mid April, for faster performance on pleating all cellulose blended medias!

New ABS Dantherm

November 24, 2017 - In Latest Articles, Latest News


Check out our new Dantherm Alternative Range with strong lightweight ABS end caps also available in Carbon Impregnated formula for Anti-Static version of Type 66, 44, 40, 22 and 20.
Available in a range of medias and length

New Bespoke Two Meter Dust Filters

August 16, 2015 - In Bespoke Products, Latest Articles

Two Metre Dust FiltersEach month we manufacture a number of bespoke filters made to a specific specification from our clients. We get asked for a whole range of sizes and shapes.

This week we were working on some of the biggest filters we have ever made. Take a look at these monster two metre filters.

Do you have a specific project in mind? We are always looking for new bespoke projects to get involvedwith. We make all of our filters in house in Leicester, UK.

Get in touch today and find out how we can help.

New Cavmatic Dust Collectors Range

September 2, 2014 - In Latest Articles, Products

We are pleased to announce our new range of Cavmatic Dust Collectors. Here’s just a few of the benefits of our new range.

  • All our dust collectors are manufactured in the UK.
  • Full range of sizes to suit all airflow requirements.
  • Cavendish Dust Collectors have 30 years of experience in supplying, servicing and maintaining dust extraction systems and services to industry.
  • Please contact us for all existing or future dust control requirements.

Click here to find out more about our new Cavmatic Dust Collector range.

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