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3 Lug 145 Aluminium Dust cartridge filters!

September 28, 2020 - In Latest Articles, Latest News

Another example of our 3 lug/hook range.

Available in a range of sizes and medias, as well as ABS versions, if preferred.

Lengths from 200mml to 1500mml.

To fit a range of units, alternative to Freudenberg, Donaldson, Nordic, as well as many others!

Some of the choices include :-

145mm PCD, 150mm,225mm,370mm,397mm Universal.

Cellulose blends :- 80/20 FR/Nano fibre FR

Polyester blends 260g :- STD, Anti/Static, Oleophobic, PTFE Coated or Membrane, Flame Retardant Coating, Nano fibre membrane.

A vast range to suit all your application requirements, whatever the dust or fume!

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